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Problem Statement

Design a breakwater to achieve a desired wave height inside a small boat basin.
It is required that the wave height in the harbor to the left of the dashed line marked
in the figure be less then ½ meter. Determine how far the breakwater needs
to extend (i.e., determine x) if the deep water wave height, period, and direction are
3 m, 6 seconds, and 25 degrees clockwise of due North. The water depth in the basin
is 4 m and the water depth outside the basin is given by: d = 4 + 0.01*y. The y
coordinate increases in the southerly direction and it is 0 at the breakwater. Neglect
wave reflection in the calculation.

Problem Schematic


Wave Crest Pattern
Kd vs. Θ , β , r/L for Semi-Infinte Barrier

Definition Sketch

Wave Conditions at the End of the Breakwater (metric system only)